Our Mission

To raise student aspiration and to provide career option to student and adult through self assessment and education.

NCVEB was set up as part of a national skill and vocational development mission to fulfill the growing need in India for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills and vocational. becoming a 'Centre of Excellence' in only regular courses by offering Quality Training Programmes to meet the current and emerging needs of the adult population, by widening the access to vocational and skill training and by functioning as a catalyst to bridge social, economical and to be a major part in developing India.

There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill and vocational development programme in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the vocational and skills required by a growing economy. Both the structure and the leadership of the mission must be such that the programme. can be scaled up quickly to cover the whole country."

Our Vision

To be the epitome of excellent stimulating trusted and safe learning environment embedded in Indian values while creating independent thinker who spearhead a dynamic future globally.

National Council Of Vocational Educational Board Shall Make Available Innovative, Socially Relevant Educational Provisions That Are Leaner- Centered, Seamless And Are Of High-Quality By Employing Appropriate Vocational Training Equity In Education, Sustainable Social Transformation And Composite National Development.

Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.

Enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives for skill development through appropriate Public-Private Partnership models; strive for significant operational and financial involvement from the private sector.

Play the role of a market by bringing financing, particularly in sectors where market mechanisms are ineffective or missing Prioritize initiatives that can have a multiplier or catalytic effect as opposed to one-off impact.