Primary Education

It is generally believed that guidance is required at the time of career planning. But we all know that guidance is needed from the very beginning when the child enters the school. The main objectives of guidance programmer at this level can be listed as: - helping pupils to make a satisfactory transition from home to school. - diagnosing difficulties in the learning of basic educational skills, - identifying pupils in need of special education (e.g., the gifted, the backward, the physically handicapped); - helping potential drop outs to stay in school; - guiding pupils to develop insight into the world of work and favorable attitudes towards work; - assisting in plans for their further education or training. For this purpose each school should have one counselor/visiting counselor, but we know that due to lack of resources and a large number of institutions, it is not possible. If the teachers of these institutions are given some training in guidance and counseling then the problem could be solved to some extent.

Secondary Education

Identifying and developing their abilities and interests - understanding their strengths and limitations and to do scholastic work according to their abilities. - obtaining information about education, pre-vocational and vocational opportunities and requirements. - making realistic educational and vocational choices and plans considering all relevant factors. - finding solutions to their personal and social problems. Guidance service not only help the students but also school principal and other staff members to understand their students as individuals and to create situations in which the students can learn more effectively.